среда, 27 марта 2013 г.

Dedicated to my Teacher...

 Praise to Soviet pioneers of Yoga who
have implanted the idea of Life in the mournful
process of the Soviet people’ surviving. May their
views directed at the attempts to distort the
understanding of the essence of existence
remain free from despair. May the force and persistence
be with those who have infused the ideas of
spirituality into human thoughts.

(a cry from the depth of a person who has been practicing yoga for almost a quarter of a century)

A man of today is active and energetic. Almost all his needs are “cultivated” by models to emulate. He has the proper example of the level of income, the example of appropriate clothes, the specimen of regular figure, the patterns of upright behaviour for getting married and a number of other “appropriatenesses” the person is perplexed with every other moment of his life. And if somebody by chance drops out from the dense layers of the fussing crowd, having become contented with the available amount of stuff and the number of sexual partners, he will get the opportunity/the risk of feeling the desired essence of his existence. One may continuously think about the sense of life in scope of the existing “patterns” as well, for there is such a model supported by public opinion, but I am sure that one cannot comprehend the sense of one’s life. This sense can only be felt, and becoming aware of this sense comes as the process called Life.

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